Red Carpet Day With Obagi Skin Care 2019

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Have you ever wondered how celebrities like Lady Gaga, Gemma Chan, Emma Stone looked ravishing on their Red Carpet Day in Oscars 2019?

Well the simple reason would be their healthy and glossy skin that made them look stunning on The Red Carpet Day.

As it says “face is the index of mind”, having a radiant and glowing skin does wonders for your appearance and perhaps the first and foremost step towards looking younger and confident.

Medical Park is planning to conduct the “Red Carpet Day with Obagi Skincare” on August 2nd 2019. 

The theme of the event is ‘ Celebrate Beauty Celebrate Life’ 

This grand medical extravaganza will help you to understand the importance of cosmetic surgery, get personalised advise from our expert doctors and much more.

Our professional cosmetic experts can examine your skin type and offer personalised skin treatments suiting to your requirement. We ensure to make use of international product “Obagi” for all the cosmetic treatments offered by Medical Park. 

You want to know about Obagi?

Obagi –A Leader in Skin Health with a 30 year legacy of science and innovation. This skin care brand has performed transformative research that has met the needs of every skin tone and type.

Highlights of the Red Carpet Package

The Medical Park offers a customised Red Carpet Package for all those who are interested to get a youthful look. Here is the details of the package below:

Salt Peel 

Ultrasound Peel with Obagi Exoderm

Obagi Blue Peel Radiance

Obagi Hydrate and Sunscreen

Get the new look, look more confident!

Obagi offers an wide range of amazing products which includes Salt Peel prep, Ultrasound peel with Obagi Exoderm, Obagi Blue peel radiance (effectively removes the layers of damaged skin and replaces dead cells with healthier ones), Obagi Hydrate and sunscreen.

Who can call their customers as Ambassadors, well Obagi does it! Obagi Ambassadors are real people who love Obagi products and have been chosen to represent the brand with their inspiring skin transformation stories.

If you are looking for a beautiful transformation with a radiant skin then this Red Carpet event will be the right place for you!

Come join us to make this event bigger! 

Feel free to call us at 9789986999 or visit us at

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