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Do you have missing teeth that needs to be replaced? Do you need dental crown for your damaged teeth?

No worries here is your solution in no time!

We dentist at the Medical Park recommend single visit dentistry using CEREC for you because you deserve the best and we value your quality time.

What is Single Visit Dentistry?

With advancement in digital technology Computer Aided Designing – Computer Aided Manufacturing CEREC we design, create and place your new crowns and bridges within 2 hours of your visit to our clinic which used to take weeks in past.

Here is how the magic goes with?

A special wand is used to create the digital impressions of your damaged teeth or teeth prepared adjacent to your missing teeth. We transfer the digital impressions to a computer and create a 3D design of your teeth.

The 3D design is transferred electronically to a milling machine which we have right in our clinic. The milling machine creates your new crowns and bridges using a durable, natural- luster porcelain material. Immediately crown is placed in no time. You get to leave our clinic with a beautiful, natural looking crowns& amp;bridges.

What makes CAD CAM CEREC unique?

We make your visit:

Less waiting time

 More comfortable

 More aesthetically pleasing

 More effective

 Easier

 We make digital impressions

 No need to wear a temporary crown

 All porcelain crowns means there is no black lines along the gumline.

 Porcelain colour matched to blend naturally with your teeth.

 Stronger than traditional method

 Can be used for white fillings

Those are great benefits wouldn’t you agree?

Are you ready for your dental crowns and bridge procedures? Do you still have more questions?

We would be happier to answer them for you. That’s what we are here for!

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